study skills

  S4-6 Subject Specific SQA Study Skills                                 

Everyone gets nervous sitting assessment.  

Some pupils instinctively seem to organise themselves and perform well in them, while others struggle with the basics of motivation, time management and feel overwhelmed, not knowing where to start.  

Assessments are not tests of memory; they are designed to test what you have learned. Effective revision consolidates what you have learned. This webpage is designed for both students and parents to guide you through the process, and help you find the best methods of study that work for you. Remember, here at Bearsden Academy our staff endeavour to support our pupils so that they feel confident and prepared going into their assessments.   

We aim to offer support before, during and after assessments so that every Bearsden Academy student achieves success. 

Please find below subject specific guidance on how to prepare for each subject – we hope you find them useful 






D and T 


Health and Food Technology

Support Pack

Computing Science 

N5 Drama 

Higher Drama 

Modern Studies 

Higher Accounting




 Music Music Technology