Bearsden Academy Enhanced Learning Resource Resource provides support for pupils where language and communication difficulties are their main barriers to learning. The resource is designed to maximise the potential for inclusion and ensures that the educational entitlements for young people are met.

The resource is part of East Dunbartonshire’s Language and Communication Service. The Language and Communication Resource supports pupils whose language and communication development is significantly delayed and/or disordered compared to other areas of their development which can be age appropriate.

Pupils may also have organisational, motor planning and literacy barriers present too. The provision is based on a model of Including Every Learner. Pupil experiences are bespoke to need and differentiated across the curriculum to maximise potential for inclusion, attainment and progression. The provision works closely with the Principal Teacher Support for Learning, Principal Teachers of Guidance and Principal Teachers of Curriculum to ensure learner journeys are designed to meet needs.

Pupils are also provided with additional support from Educational Psychology, Speech and Language Therapy and other appropriate services if required.

Principal Teacher Enhanced Learning Resource Mrs C Bruce
Teacher of ELR Mr J Warnock