Bearsden Academy is committed to the delivery of a Career Education Curriculum for every young person.

We recognise the entitlement of every young person to access career education learning to support the development of their skills for learning life and work as set out within the following documents:

To support the school in developing the standards we work very closely with Skills Development Scotland (SDS) through a joint partnership plan and with the  Careers Advisors based within school. This partnership plan enables us to work together to ensure we deliver the best Career Education Curriculum for young people.

There are many fantastic support services which we can access via Skills Development Scotland including their service which every pupil is introduced to via their Personal and Social Education Curriculum. This is a service, which parents and carers may also access to support their child’s career education. You may find the following links for parents useful.,

We also work very closely with primary colleagues, parents, carers and local businesses providers to support the ongoing development of employer partnerships. We have produced a database of Bearsden Academy Employer Partners who work closely with us to deliver career education experiences in a variety of ways including: 

  • Events based learning
  • Work experienced based learning
  • Classroom based delivery and learning
  • Group based delivery and learning
  • Individual based delivery, mentoring and learning

If you would like to support the delivery of our Career Education Curriculum, please get in touch at:


or complete our online data base form by using the link below:

Please note that any data you share is protected by the