Bearsden Academy Transitions cover a number of key areas for young people and their families to engage with, including the following:

  • Primary to Secondary Contexts Transitions
  • Broad General Education to Senior Phase Transitions
  • Senior Phase to Employment, Further or Higher Education provision 


Primary to Secondary  Context Transitions: 

  • Curricular Experience Transitions

Bearsden Academy Curricular Transitions.  Young people in P7 of the year of transfer engage with a number of curricular areas to experience learning and teaching within the secondary context. This covers a number of areas offered by teaching staff to support wellbeing and learning. Parents and carers are fully included in this process. This transition support is also offered to P5 and P6 pupils within bespoke plans. 

  • Enhanced Inclusion Transitions

Bearsden Academy Enhanced Transitions support young people in a number of ways from primary 5 to primary 7. Each transition experience is designed to individual needs to ensure we get it right for each child. This can be anything from small group to individual transitions, which include curricular and social experiences. Parents and carers are fully included in this process. 

  • Learning Together Transitions

Bearsden Academy Learning Together Transitions experiences are designed to support transitions for parents/carers and pupils. It provides an opportunity for pupils and their parents/carers to learn together within the secondary context and experience the vast range of learning and teaching approaches within the secondary curriculum. Parents and carers are fully included in this process. 

  • Wellbeing Transitions

Bearsden Academy Wellbeing Transitions support the needs of young people and their families in a range of opportunities including: 

  • Making the Wellbeing Curriculum Visible
  • Offering Teen Triple P, Seasons for Growth, Mindfulness and a Nurturing Principles approach across the whole school.
  • Secondary wellbeing staff working in the primary context to build confidence and capacity for a young person as they gradually access the secondary context.   

Broad General Education Transitions

Senior Phase to Employment, Further or Higher Education Transitions

The transition between learning within the secondary school environment to employment, further and higher education context  is supported via several platforms, which guide and direct young people to make informed decisions about the next steps in their learning. For example, while learning within the Senior Phase of the Bearsden Academy Curriculum pupils can access a number of support mechanisms, which guide their decisions about next steps. Below is a list of support strategies in place which is supported by Principal Teachers of Guidance and Curriculum.

Bearsden Guidance Team supports:

  • Access to to work experiences to help inform decisions
  • Access to employer partners to support understanding of learning in new contexts
  • Access to Skills Development Scotland Careers Advisors for 1 to 1 support and guidance
  • Access to Volunteering Opportunities to support employability skills and inform future decisions
  • Access and delivery of Higher Leadership Units which develop Skills for learning life and work
  • Access to and guidance on Employment, College and UCAS applications Decision making on leadership roles within school context in preparation for transition
  • Planning for post 16 options

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