Every teacher in Bearsden Academy has a responsibility for the Health & Wellbeing of their pupils. Teachers use the Health & Wellbeing Experiences and Outcomes when planning learning and use the SHANARRI Indicators.

This ensures that while they build positive relationships with the young people in their care, they can also monitor and track their wellbeing and ensure attainment for all.


Bearsden Academy also has a number of number of promoted teachers responsible for guiding and supporting young people. They have a caring, counselling and supportive role and assist pupils in a broad range of areas, e.g.

  • Supporting and monitoring pupil wellbeing, academic progress and attainment
  • Developing close links with P7 pupils and their teachers
  • Supporting enhanced transitions from P5-S1
  • Care of pupils facing difficulties – emotional, physical or to do with class work
  • Care of new admissions
  • Checking on attendance and timekeeping through pro active engagement pupils and families
  • Delivery of the Personal & Social Education curriculum
  • Giving advice on personalisation and choice at key stages in the learner journey
  • Promoting, facilitating and guiding a holistic approach to the overall learner journey 
  • Preparing reports on pupils – by letter, telephone, interviews, meetings
  • Linking with support agencies such as Social Work, the Careers Service, community organisations, etc.

Each pupil is aware that there is a named member of staff who knows and cares for them as individuals. Principal Teachers of Guidance are allocated to a group of pupils. All children from one family will have the same Guidance teacher.  Details are given below of the arrangements for 2019/20.

Principal Teacher of Guidance

Guidance Groups

Mrs C Lynch

A   S1 to S6 & 1B

Mr C Deans

C   S1 – S6  & 6B

Mrs J Westwater

D   S1 – S6 & 4B

Mrs  K O’Neil

E   S1 – S6 & 2B

Miss A Caldwell

F   S1 – S6 &  5B

Mrs G Zaoui

G   S1 – S6 & 3B

The Principal Teachers of Guidance play a vital role in establishing and maintaining contacts with parents. Any parent who wishes to discuss a problem should simply contact the school and arrange to meet the guidance teacher at a time that is mutually convenient. In an emergency parents should of course contact the school immediately and arrangements will be made to deal with the matter.

Principal Teachers of Guidance will see their groups regularly through Personal and social Education classes and also Supporting Learners classes. This ensures that the young people in their care are well known to them. They will understand their strengths and know their next steps.  They will support young people in collaboration with their families at important personalisation and choice points.

In addition to these support arrangements each member of the Senior Management Team oversees a school stage. They also follow their year group through the school which gives them a very good knowledge overview of the young people in their care.


Year Head

S1 & S6

Mr P Liddle


Ms A McCloy


Mrs R Higgins


Mr G Stevenson


Mr M Healy