Parents Councils support the involvement of parents in their children’s education by providing a place to meet and discuss the school’s work to support children. 

Under the Scottish Schools (Parent Involvement) Act 2006 there is provision for establishing a Parent Council, which consists of parents of pupils attending the school. The group represent the views of parents as a whole.

Bearsden Academy’s Parent Council plays a supportive and active role in the work of Bearsden Academy, feeding into consultations, expressing views on learning and working with the Headteacher and members of the school community to improve the chances for all.

The members of the parent council take part in a variety of areas of the school’s work including:

  • attending Parent Council meetings, representing the views of parents
  • working with organisations such the East Dunbartonshire Council and Education Scotland to represent the view of parents
  • Promoting the work of the school to improve learning and wellbeing
  • Providing methods of communication and information that helps parents stay informed about their work and the work of the school
  • The appointment process for senior members of staff 

The Bearsden Academy Parent Council constitution outlines the roles and responsibilities within the Parent Council. You can access this here..

Parent Council meetings are normally held on the first Tuesday of each month and open to any member of the parent forum.

You can contact the Parent Council via its chair, or via the school.