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Latest News From Bearsden Academy

  • Curriculum Option Evening

    S4 and S5 Information Evening:  Progression within the Senior Phase and Beyond

    In the forthcoming weeks, S4 and S5 pupils will be making subject choices as they prepare for the next stage within the Senior Phase.  To support and inform this process we are holding an information evening on Monday 23rd February, Click on the headline for details.

  • New Issue of BAnner

    The February edition of this session's BAnner is now available. Click here to access the latest copy.

  • Curriculum Information Evenings

     Details from our recent parent and carer curriculum information evenings on personalisation and choice in the Broad General Education and Senior Phase can be found in the ‘Curriculum’ area of this website under ‘Personalisation and Choice within the Curriculum’

  • Thinking Steps

    This session, the school is launching our Thinking Steps resource. The Thinking Steps resource can be located on pages 23 and 24 of our pupils' homework diary planners. Click on the headline for further information.

  • Fabulous Fashion Shows

    In November the school created two wonderful evenings of entertainment with our annual fashion shows. Photos can be found in the 'Info' section of this website. The evening raised funds for the charity Cardiac Risk in the Young.

  • Study Guides

    With Prelim exams approaching, pupils, parents and carers might find our Study Skills information useful. These guides would benefit pupils in any year and can be located in the curriculum area of this website under 'Study Skills'.

  • Consultation on the Structure of the School Day

    Please click on the headline for further information on our consultation.

  • Supporting Parents and Carers

    The Big Ask resource has been created by Bearsden Academy’s Learner Voice Committee and our Learning and Teaching Committee in consultation with pupils, staff and parents/carers. Its aim is to provide a structure to support quality conversations between pupils and parents/carers.

    Some parents/carers have requested support for having conversations about learning and teaching with their children. This booklet is designed to help parents/carers. Please click on the headline for details.
  • Consultation on the Structure of the School Day

    All pupils have been issued with a letter inviting parents and carers to meetings regarding the structure of the school day. As noted in previous editions of The BAnner, last session we set up a tripartite working group with representation from the parent body, from the pupil body and from school staff to explore alternatives to our current 30 period week. Please click on the headline for details.

  • New Highers

    Parents and carers can find information on the introduction of new Highers by clicking on the headline.

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