Bearsden Academy – Learning from Home 

Guide for week beginning 11th Jan

Guidance and PSE guide for week beginning 11th Jan


For Pupils


Learning from home requires you to be prepared and follow a routine. Please use this page as a guide to what you should do each day.


Following three simple rules will keep things on track:

  • Be prepared for online learning
  • Follow a daily routine, and use your school timetable to plan out contact with teachers, breaks and work time.
  • Be pro-active in contacting the school when you need help


For Parents


To support your child, we have set up a check in at the start of the day (see below). A summary of the weekly work for w/b 11th of January is available here. This details the content covered and the support slots available in each class and subject.


This survey link can be used to provide feedback and any time.


School timetable


Period 1: 0900 - 0950
Period 2: 0950 - 1040
Interval: 1040 - 1055
Period 3: 1055 - 1145
Period 4: 1145 - 1235
Period 5: 1235 - 1325
Lunch: 1325 - 1415
Period 6: 1415 - 1505
Period 7: 1505 - 1555

Period 1: 0900 - 0950
Period 2: 0950 - 1040
Interval: 1040 - 1055
Period 3: 1055 - 1145
Period 4: 1145 - 1235
Lunch: 1235 - 1325
Period 5: 1325 - 1415
Period 6: 1415 - 1505

Be Prepared


Step to be prepared

Help available

1.      Check your Glow account username and password and log in.

·         Watch video on how to access Glow

·         e-mail if you can’t log in.

2.      Install the Teams app on your phone or computer

Download and install Microsoft Office on your home computer (free for Glow users)

·         Watch video – install app

·         Tidy up your Teams list

·         Installing Office

3.      Check you have access to all Teams using the Learning Dashboard. Use Join codes to join Teams if you are not a member.

·         Joining Teams




Daily routine step

Help available

Check in - 8:50am

Click to check the whole school team.


Doing this every day will let us see you have checked in for the day.

All you do is open the Team. If you have any questions, ask in the Question and Answer channel.


If you can’t get access, use the join code 8yd2md2.


To join virtual registration, join the Whole School channel and check the General channel.

Check your timetable – use this to log in to Teams and check work


See details of each subject here

See details of Guidance and PSE

Check your subject Teams for posted work and feedback. You may have assignments, discussion or reading. Check each Team carefully.


The Teams will let you know any further details about when teachers will be online.

Use this form to report any missing work.

For further work

Check Satchel One (Show My Homework) for homework or extra work that may not be on Teams that can help you with learning

Click the Show My Homework button, or use your app.

Further Resources

Check this resource for further resources to continue your studies, if you have completed all available work


Feed back

Click here to access the daily feedback form. This will let us fix any issues you may encounter.