Get excited because it is 'Create a Drama' Competition Time!

Have you got what it takes to be the next Director or Actor to create a Drama based around lockdown? Of course you do!  The challenge is to create a 1minute Drama (video) based around and inspired by lockdown. It can be serious, funny or absurd, basically whatever you want to create.

However, please stick to only 60 seconds, that’s the challenge!

Winning Prize

The lucky winner will get one to one feedback and a Q&A session with acclaimed actor Andrew Agnew (PC Plum in Balamory) and resident ‘River City’ writer and accomplished actress Anita Vettesse.

Anita Vettesse  PC Plum

Deadline for submission

6pm on Friday 26th February

Important information

Details of how to upload your video below:

just click here to take part

Good luck from the Drama Department! :) 

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